Shelton Turnbull’s commitment to sustainability was sparked by a desire to reduce our environmental footprint in an industry that is typically not green. The employee-owners of Shelton Turnbull believe that every person has a role and responsibility for how their products are produced.

A Commitment to Sustainability

In our efforts to reduce our environmental impact, we are committed to responsible action by engaging in the following activities companywide:

  • Training Programs to keep employees up-to-date on the best practices for personal performance
  • Promoting company conservation efforts and efficiency by offering 100% Post-Consumer Waste and 100% recycled content paper to clients
  • Responsibly sourcing all raw materials from FSC-Certified producers
  • Being a community leader in recycled materials by recycling 100% of unused ink and over 90% of paper waste
  • Fostering positive relationships with local wetlands by taking stewardship of one of Eugene’s systems of wetlands and maintaining a bioswale for the wetlands bordering the facility
  • Continual improvement of certifications, reporting, and operation practices related to sustainability, efficiency, and energy-use reduction

Premium Sustainable Paper Selection

Committing to sustainable practices does not mean that you must refrain from printing. Shelton Turnbull offers a variety of paper options that range from 40% - 100% PCW and are available in various weights, envelopes, and packaging. These materials are also available in a variety of fresh colors and raw finishes, so your projects can be beautiful and help to save the planet too. 

We have chosen recycled papers for our printing process that are:

  • Minimum 30% Post-Consumer Waste
  • Produced with Green Energy
  • Milled as regionally as possible
  • Ancient Forest Friendly
  • Processed Chlorine Free
  • FSC Certified

We also offer New Leaf Paper which is:

  • 100% recycled content and made with 50% post-consumer waste.
  • Green E Certified
  • Ancient Forest Friendly
  • Processed Chlorine Free
  • FSC Certified

Soy Based Inks

Shelton Turnbull uses a blend of vegetable and soy based inks for all printing processes because: 

  • Our soy ink printing process releases less than 5% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) into the air improving the air quality for our staff and the environment
  • Soy ink is a helpful component in paper recycling because the soy ink can be removed more easily than regular ink from paper during the de-inking process
  • In addition to being a brighter ink, less ink is needed to print the same amount of paper when compared to petroleum inks. Soy ink has been found to spread approximately 15% further, reducing ink use and printer cleanup costs

Despite soy ink proving to be more environmentally friendly than petroleum inks, soy ink does have its own downfalls. For these reasons, we are constantly working with our vendors and manufacturers to find greener products and to implement them into our printing and production processes.

Eco Audit Your Print Project

When you print green with Shelton Turnbull and select Environment® paper products, your rep can calculate the environmental savings of using recycled papers into a report that you can add onto your marketing piece.  This free eco audit enables you to show your customers your commitment to sustainable printing practices.

Shelton Turnbull’s commitment to sustainability is reaffirmed through the following certifications:

  • RE:Think Certified
  • Certified Ancient Forest Friendly
  • Gold Certified Green Business through Green America
  • Powered by Renewable Energy
  • Source FSC Certified Paper from FSC Certified Manufacturers
  • Uses Low VOC Soy Based Inks