Mail Services

From design to post office drop-ship, Shelton Turnbull is the expert at executing direct mail campaigns. With match mailing your marketing campaigns will have a customized touch. Include variable data printing for more customization and text, graphics, and images can be changed seamlessly from one printed piece to the next. Addresses and data files are deduped, verified, and validated against USPS requirements to eliminate undeliverable mail. Need a list? With your criterion we can provide one to launch your campaign with astute targeting.



Targeted Mail Campaigns, Drop Mail Services, Mailing List Management

Expand your brand through mail. With the many online platforms available today, it has become essential for businesses to fine-tune their distribution. Shelton Turnbull’s Mail Services enable businesses to cut through the noise and deliver materials that effectively represent their brand and communicate their message.

Shelton offers decades of experience in assisting customers in statement processing, mail list management, deduping, ink jetting, hand and automated inserting along with many other options.